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The Blue Card from American Express Card is a rewards credit card. It earns two points per dollar on eligible travel purchases made on and one point per dollar on all other purchases.

An angry customer shared in a review "I've had a Blue card since release. I like the points I accrue from my purchases and the offers that I receive in my email. The American Express website is easy to navigate and support, when needed, has been great. While it's not accepted everywhere more and more businesses appear to take it. Once I used my Blue to purchase a few items from a online store. Several months after my purchase I received a call from Amex - my card number had been stolen from the vendor's database. Amex had cancelled the card and was offered to overnight me a new card. I told them that I was traveling and could use my Visa, so just send it normal mail. The rep I talked to said that they'd overnight it to me where ever I was. The next morning my card was in my hands. Amex removed the charges from my card and dealt with the vendor; with my Visa I had to prove to them that I didn't make the charges. This impressed me greatly and is one reason (of many) why I continue to due business with them."


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